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We offer one on one, small group and class sessions.  Having a background in education means we use our experience tools and resources to offer the best support in learning.

Math Notebook and Calculator

Test Prep

This program focuses on ACT Prep as well a short course called "Test Taking Strategies".  These tools are both designed with students in mind.  Having knowledge and taking test are very different, let us help bridge that gap. 


These courses focus on the physical, mental and spiritual aspect of the many facets of life.  Life doesn't come with a manual, consider this program an introductory guide.  This includes life coaching and mentoring.

LifeSkills Courses

Volunteers at Food Bank

Life Coaching

Community building, geo political awareness and organizing are very important for the times we live in.  We offer this class/program for adolescences and young adults.  Knowing how, what, when and why makes a difference since we are all connected and impact one another.

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